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We helped telecom expense management company Tellennium replace an aging software system with new custom software that eliminated significant amounts of manual effort and helps support their double-digit growth.



Telecom expense management company Tellennium came to us to get help with their aging infrastructure. They had already experienced significant growth since their systems were developed, and they were poised for continued new growth. It was apparent that their existing systems would not support their growth and needed to be replaced.

We helped Tellennium develop new, more scalable systems. Key areas of improvement included eliminating manual work, speeding data entry, integrating with external systems and data sources, and providing easy to use reporting for Tellennium customers. This new software has helped Tellennium focus on providing great service to their growing customer base.



Discovery & Design

We worked closely with the in-house Tellennium team to formulate a plan that would address their business needs. Like a lot of other businesses, the core requirements revolved around using as much automation as possible to create new efficiencies.

The challenge with automation is to create a system that is both efficient and scalable without being brittle. This means that the small, ordinary changes in your business can easily be reflected in the software we build for you without requiring major code or back-end changes.

The other major challenge with scalable software is making sure the software is usable and efficient at both current usage levels and future usage levels, with minimal to no code changes required to adapt to a heavier load. By keeping this goal at the forefront of the design process we’re able to build software that better supports your business as it grows.


The new systems we built for Tellennium included a Windows-based application where the majority of daily data entry occurred along with a web application that presented both client-facing and internal-facing reports.

The client facing portal supports thousands of customers, each with hierarchical access to their data.

We also developed integrations with external telecom vendors and improved the automation around Tellennium’s data entry process.


The new system we built with Tellennium has eliminated a large amount of manual work, which has allowed them to better focus on growing their business. This has helped them support continued double-digit year over year growth. They don’t have to periodically distract themselves with creating workarounds and bandaids for an un-scalable system. Instead, they can dedicate their full attention to managing their growth, finding new customers, and capitalizing on new opportunities.

We continue to serve Tellennium as a trusted advisor around their software technology and work with them on a daily basis as part of their development team.

“We needed to be sure any money invested in replacing our existing software would bring greater value to our customers and improved efficiency for us. We love that igNew has worked on so many applications and brings that expertise and experience when working with us. Their emphasis on doing everything the right way also gave us peace of mind, and they were able to create effective software that fits our needs, and ultimately freeing us up to focus on growing our business.”

Greg McIntyre

Founder & President/CEO, Tellennium

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