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Beeson & Associates, Inc.


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Beeson & Associates, Inc came to us because they sensed an opportunity to provide more value to their clients and they needed help creating a web application to make that happen. Beeson’s nose for an opportunity, their appealing intellectual property, and a well-crafted web application came together to help Beeson win a new client that quickly paid for the cost of the application.



Beeson & Associates came to us because they sensed an opportunity to provide more value to their clients and they needed help creating a web based application to make that happen.

Beeson is a very successful consultancy that provides expert advice around commodity purchasing. This means they have developed some incredibly valuable intellectual property that helps them pinpoint ideal times for commodity purchases based on a client’s demand, risk tolerance, and product makeup.

A key part of that service is tracking customer’s purchases and price variance versus financial benchmarks. They wanted to expose this data in a usable, structured way to their clients. To avoid requiring any specialized software on the client end and to make the product easy to develop and update, we built a web based B2B application.

The application was a success. Not too long after launch, Beeson was able to a win a new client that quickly paid for the cost of the application.



Discovery & Design

During the discovery process, we learned that this application needed to house quite a bit of complex analytics as well as track a client’s commodity related vendors, contracts, coverage volumes, and prices all in one central location. Clients needed to be able to construct a bill of materials around their products so they could understand how the fluctuation in commodity prices would influence both their risk position and help their procurement teams understand the ideal times to purchase commodities.

If this application could bring everything together in a cloud based solution accessible anywhere, then it would combine Beeson’s well established insight with real data giving clients real time actionable items and understanding.


Because this application was heavily centered around reporting and analytics, a large part of the application was a customizable user dashboard. This made the application usable for a variety of clients without back-end customization or extra coding for each client.

In addition to the dashboard, user entry screens were constructed to allow clients to enter:

  • Formulas for the make up of their products (for example, a cake is made up of 10 parts flour and 1 part sugar)
  • Material usage trends
  • Past purchases
  • Contracts & Vendors

The app takes all of this data and, using Beeson’s proprietary insights and market trends, helps users see a total picture of ideal commodity purchasing conditions.


After a successful launch in the middle of 2014, Beeson was able to showcase the platform (now called BundleCTS) as an integral part of their service offering and land a key number of large new clients. This more than paid for the cost of developing the application.

igNew remains a trusted advisor as Beeson continues to use BundleCTS to gain a competitive advantage in a competitive marketplace.

Beeson BundleCTS application screenshot
A dashboard with draggable report parts allowed users to quickly understand their company's position in the business of commodity purchasing.
“As a small business with a need for leading edge technology to support customer needs, it was difficult to know where to turn. Without internal IT resources, we had to depend on a development partner we could trust. igNew not only had the technical expertise, but had processes to help us understand what was being done and set our expectation. The result is a system that makes our services unique in our industry and is a key part of our product delivery to our clients.”

Matt Beeson

Founder, Beeson & Associates

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