Capturing Signs of Child Abuse

Dr. Mary Clyde Pierce, an extremely active and passionate advocate for child abuse prevention, came to igNew to team up on a research grant to develop an easy to administer test to help doctors, social workers,and others distinguish regular childhood injuries with actual child abuse. igNew’s part in the study was to create a software application that could collect a wide range of data from patients in a live clinical setting.

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Gaining a Competitive Advantage

Beeson & Associates, Inc came to us because they sensed an opportunity to provide more value to their clients and they needed help creating a web application to make that happen. Beeson’s nose for an opportunity, their appealing intellectual property, and a well-crafted web application came together to help Beeson win a new client that quickly paid for the cost of the application.

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Defining Software of Added Value

Enterscape, a leading provider of industrial utility monitoring and consulting services aimed at helping businesses save millions on energy costs, approached igNew because they needed a better way to onboard new clients and felt that could be accomplished with improved software. As a team, we developed a software specification that outlined Phase I of a multi-phase software rebuild, that would drive value for their customers. The document provided clear vision on what should be built, what it would cost, and when would it be delivered.

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Assessing a Complex Legacy Environment

A software assessment engagement helped Gallatin Steel make informed decisions on accumulated technical debt by providing them with a comprehensive analysis of what they had, the risks that were present, and recommendations on whether full or incremental upgrades were necessary to sustain and support continued growth.

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Getting a Project Back on Track

3Space, a growing engineering and 3D printing firm, was more than a year into a project to provide an online ordering system for their clients. While their initial vendor had promised a quick turnaround and low price, the project had gotten out of control with large cost overruns, poor quality, and delay after delay after delay. Fed up, 3Space took back control from the vendor and was able to launch the software themselves although it still had some issues. At this point, they connected with us, and we were able to assess the software, give clear expectations on what needed to be done to fix remaining defects, make recommendations for changes to help with maintainability and scalability, and complete remaining items from the original project scope.

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Setting up a Business for Growth

We helped telecom expense management company Tellennium replace an aging software system with new custom software that eliminated significant amounts of manual effort and helps support their double-digit growth.

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