igNew's process is geared towards fully testing a software idea as quickly as possible to reduce risk, eliminate waste, and hasten the time to market.

Innovation at its core demands rapid and continuous ideation, testing, and learning. The best companies learn to “fail often” as they’re constantly and rapidly testing several new ideas. The competition, in the meantime, struggles through lengthy and expensive planning and development phases just to test one.

When a company has an idea to build software, it’s for a reason, but it’s also based on a set of assumptions. The igNew process is designed to test many iterations of an idea before writing a single line of code. When we do build, we follow cutting edge lean and agile principles to build as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Step 1 Design

We minimize risk through diligent design. Learning, experimenting, and iterating with real users allows us to ensure the success of your product, & provide invaluable insights for innovation. Our approach accelerates time to market, reduces cost, eliminates waste, and improves user experience via validated, intuitive design.

Design Process

Step 2 Build

We’re a lean, agile programming machine; quality and efficiency are top priorities of any igNew build. We partner with your internal team, or serve as your IT experts, providing skilled oversight & direction from start to finish. Interested in how the project’s unfolding? You’ll gain access to the solution as it’s built to ensure there are no surprises. Once complete, we’ll deliver and deploy a rigorously tested, cloud-hosted, scalable application ready to rock.

Step 3 Manage

Our heads are in the cloud, ensuring your application is managed without hiccup. We’ll ensure your infrastructure is current, scale your application as it grows, and minimize expense so you can keep your sights set on growing the business.

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