Is software (or the lack of it) hurting your business?

How do you know when custom software would be a good fit for your company? There are a number of factors to consider. This article (part of a series) examines some of the major indicators that your business might be a candidate for customized software.

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Deciding between off-the-shelf and custom software

Choosing between commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software and custom software is a major decision for medium-sized and large companies. This article (part of a series) goes into detail about the factors to consider when evaluating whether custom or off-the-shelf software would be the best choice.

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Estimating the ROI of Custom Software

When considering custom software creation, it helps to have an estimate of what the return-on-investment (ROI) of that software will be. This article goes into detail about the factors you should consider when making a custom software ROI estimate.

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Building custom software: A strong process is key

When building custom software, it’s important to have a firm process in place. This article walks you through the four-stage process used by igNew.

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