About igNew

People. Passion. Culture.

IgNew is a proven software innovation team that has been building transformative solutions since 2005.

We’re driven by a passion for solving problems and enabling your business to achieve greater heights through technology.

We are business-focused and want to work with you only if we can drive a substantial return on your investment.

Our clients are typically medium sized, high-growth companies in a variety of industries. They strive to be more efficient, more agile, more profitable technology leaders.

Our approach is design driven and we utilize the latest principles of lean and agile to test, validate, and learn from everything we do. Our approach is different from most software vendors as we spend time rapidly iterating and testing ideas with real users before writing a single line of code.

Meet Our Team

David Galownia

President & Owner

Chris Howard

CIO & Chief Product Owner

Rachel Foster

Lead UI/UX Designer

Jason Still

Head of Cloud Services & Lead Developer

Mike Hurd

Product Owner

Kyle Stewart

UI/UX Designer

Lamont Adams

Lead Developer

Michael Thornberry

Lead Developer

Chris Staley

Lead Developer

Sunny Gulati

Lead Developer

Doug Compton

Lead Developer

Steve Anderson

Lead Developer

Leiah Galownia

Logistics Engineer

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