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Finding a Solution for Your Business

Rapid business growth brings both opportunity and growing pains.

Do you face daily battles with disparate data sources connected only by spreadsheets, antiquated one off systems, and elbow grease? Does your company leadership lack the data-backed insight into the business they need to keep the company on track and sustain strong growth? Are you are hamstrung by legacy systems and inefficient manual processes?

We can help you solve these problems once and for all with reliable code, scalable architecture, and great design.

We are Louisville-based business technology consultants and software developers who have been building proven solutions for over 10 years. We help you use software to achieve your strategic growth goals, and we use an analytical approach to create a solution that aligns your current and future business needs.

Unlike other firms, we employ only senior developers and consultants with a decade or more of experience each. We are independently operated and locally managed.

Do any of the following sound familiar?

"We’d be growing even faster if we had the right technology support..."

"I have no idea how much this system is costing us or even whether it can last another year..."

"We need to get this right the first time..."

"Our staff felt we were better served spending time with our customers instead of spending time managing developers. We brought igNew on for their unique ability to see the big picture and manage their own projects. Time and time again their staff turned over projects quickly and with astounding quality. Impressive."

R. Collie King III

CEO/President, Kwantek

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